DVM W. Demey


Wouter Demey works as an equine veterinarian in Belgium and The Netherlands where he runs his own dental practice ‘Equide’. Wouter graduated at Ghent University in 2008 after which he fulfilled an internship in a big equine hospital in Belgium. For several years he has combined first opinion work with the development of his own equine dentistry practice.

Over the last 10 years Wouter has both followed and lectured numerous courses in equine dentistry. In Belgium he was the first equine veterinarian to open a purpose build ‘state of the art’ facility where advanced dentistry can be delivered at the highest standards. Wouter works as a consultant in different equine hospitals in the region. Besides referral cases Wouter is often consulted for bitting related injuries in the sport horse. He is known for his opinions on equine welfare and his attempts to educate horse owners and riders.

Since several years Wouter works closely together with Dr. Torbjörn Lundström and colleague DVM Stijn Teysen. Wouter is a board member of the NCED.