Dr. K. Häusler


Dr. Kirsten Haeusler is a rehabilitation specialist for animals, from Germany, with over a decade of experience in animal physical therapy.

Kirsten has a PhD in Animal Science with a specialisation in the Motivational Behavior of animals from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Veterinarians in Germany refer many orthopaedic and neurologic cases to her clinic where both radial and focused shockwave play important roles in rehabilitation processes.

In 2018 at the IARVPT World Rehab Summit in Knoxville, Tennessee, she led the workshop on shockwave assisted fascia treatment in animals. That same year she was invited to give a talk at the WVOC in Barcelona about “The Art and Science of Shockwave”.

Part of her research consists of applying, improving and investigating therapies in shockwave therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field for post-illness rehabilitation and recovery treatments.

In order to intensify her studies regarding shockwave therapy not only in clinic but in the scientific field, in 2017, she was invited to collaborate with Professor M. Allen at the Surgical Discovery Center at the University of Cambridge, UK.